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Sequoia National Park

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Sequoia National Park at the western United States, specifically in California's Sierra Nevada, Sequoia National Park is located It is located about 320 km north of Los Angeles and also 320 km southeast of San Francisco.

Sequoia National Park entrance is about 55 kilometers east of the city of Visalia. In about four hours, this national park is of both cities within driving distance. The Sierra Nevada Mountains form the eastern boundary. In these hills there is also the highest mountain in the United States, Mount Whitney, with a proud height of 4418 meters. Scientists estimate the rock of the Sierra Nevada at about eighty to one hundred and twenty million years. Lower Fallen rainwater rock minerals has created and let the mountains are 4400 meters high.


The opportunities for outdoor activities in Sequoia National Park is huge. How about a hike through this stunning park? There are several guided hikes through the forest of redwoods in varying degrees of difficulty, some of which are possible even with strollers. Maintained hiking trails are waiting for them and with any luck you will encounter marmots, raccoons, coyotes, mule deer, bighorn sheep or tree squirrels.

But even a beach holiday in a beach hotel in Three Rivers, near Sequoia National Park is recommended. Do you live often in the mountains and enjoy the view of the mountains to the river Even that would be a possibility. The hotels have all the comforts. How about take a canoe trip on the Mono Lake or swim, ski and snowboarding at California's largest lake, Lake Tahoe. Fishing for trout or catch crayfish, it is never boring. Jet skiing or sailing, kayaking or paddle steamer, sledding and dog sledding, anything is possible. They are biker and want to enjoy a spectacular downhill? Let her bike and take a gondola to the three thousand three hundred sixty high Mammoth Mountain and explore one of the one hundred forty-kilometer long trail - untouched nature and a real adventure waiting for you.

Popular attractions in Sequoia National Park

The Sequoia National Park is world famous for the eponymous giant sequoias. In particular, the General Grant Tree may therefore not generate any visit to the park: It is the second largest tree in the world. Its age is estimated at about two thousand years. Its height beträft about eighty-one meters. Should the Valley of the Kings River and Kings Canyon missed. To steep for fifteen hundred meters cliffs narrow down these valleys. The Moro Rock, a two thousand fifty meters high granite monolith, which you can climb a flight of stairs and into the rock defeated Crystal Cave, a limestone cave. Through an old Abholzgebiet introduces a mile long trail from where you can see the big old tree stumps out.

Sightseeing and shopping

Take advantage of your visit to stay in Sequoia National Park by then two of the most exciting cities in the world. Visit in San Francisco Fishermans Warf, with its many souvenir shops, restaurants bustle and activity, associated with a voyage to Iceland Alcatraz. There is the infamous Alcatraz prison be visited by the prison cells. Take cable car through the city and look at the beautiful Victorian houses. Running them walk across the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the landmarks of the city. A very special shopping experience awaits you when your shopping trip from central square of the city emanates. The major department stores like Macy's or Nordstrom, you will find there.

They would prefer to visit Los Angeles? The city of the rich and offers a lot of attractions. Souvenirs and food are there in Farmers Market. A kind of food flea market with more than a hundred stalls selling specialties from many countries and local regions. On Rodeo Drive where you will find the most exclusive boutiques and celebrity designer fashion designers sell their works at the Walk of Fame and see the stars of the Hollywood actor.

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