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SeaWorld San Diego

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SeaWorld San Diego is a place for families and not only that

SeaWorld marine theme park in San Diego, a mixture of amusement and dolphinarium, was the first institution of the SeaWorld chain. The history of the park began with just a few animals, but today, SeaWorld offers a host of impressive attractions to amaze visitors.

The attractions at SeaWorld San Diego

As the largest show at SeaWorld is the "Shamu Show" in the killer whale Shamu presents his tricks. If you are in the Killerwalshow not want to get wet, you should not sit better in the bottom 16 rows. A presentation with a lot of humor, however, is the show's "Fools With Tools" in a sea otter, a walrus and sea lion play the main role. The "Bird", you can also admire the flying skills of free-flying birds.

Between shows it is worth visiting the "Penguin Encounter" where you drive past on a moving walkway in over 300 penguins. The ride on the moving belt in the "Shark Encounter" is a result of moving around sharks and stingrays something scarier. The largest inhabitant of the shark tunnel, however, the 900-pound sunfish. The "Manatee Rescue" and the "Forbidden Reef" with over 100 marine animals and many other aquariums are also worth a visit.

In addition to the shows and aquariums SeaWorld offers the helicopter simulator "Wild Arctic", a rafting trip with the "Shipwreck Rapids" and "Pirates 4D".

Find out more about SeaWorld San Diego

For a visit to SeaWorld San Diego, you should take at least six hours, what was especially when you stay in an apartment no problem. At the entrance you will receive a schedule of all show times. Although the admission price of the marine theme park is already very high, some of the attractions in the park to be paid. For the 100-meter Skytower and a tour with the Bayside Skyride as $ 2.75 must be paid for. On the possibility of the fish, sea lions and dolphins to feed you need an intermediate and outputs three Doller.

Opening times:

June to August: 9-22 Clock

September and October: 10 to 18 clock

November to March: 10 to 17 clock

April and May: 10 to 18 clock

Admission: $ 41.95

Parking fee: $ 7

The marine life on the track

The SeaWorld San Diego was the first of its kind and could enjoy great popularity rapidly. Today it belongs to the shows, the number of oak aquariums and other attractions to the most popular destinations for tourists and locals. Although SeaWorld requires a proud price of admission, at the end of the day, the experience is worth every dollar SeaWorld

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