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Santa Monica

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The Californian city of Los Angeles in the West Country is made impressive scene.

The Santa Monica Mountains northwest of the city are a up to 948 meters, rising mountain range, which extends over 64 kilometers to the Hollywood Hills. On the back of the mountain passes of the famous Mulholland Drive. Tourists and local residents appreciate the life there: sun, beach and sea. The symbol of the city, the Santa Monica Pier passes over the Santa Monica (a public beach) to the Pacific Ocean.

Shop till you drop!

If you spend your holiday in the cosmopolitan city of about 90,000 residents, many of you suntanned people run into. Not for nothing is one of Santa Monica to the Travel Location par when it comes to relaxing and unwinding goes. For an extensive shopping tour that Thirt Street Promenade is an optimal point. In the pedestrian zone are crowded side by side shops, restaurants and cafes. The Mile is also known for its colorful people to street musicians. At the southern end of the promenade, the Santa Monica Place, a shopping complex consisting of more than 100 s department stores and shops, among them is the famous Macy ` A true tourist attraction, one must be careful not to lose track.

An array of activities on the beach beckons

Something 30 minutes from the city center of Santa Monica Beach. Cafés and shops to relax or watch Just one of the many artists who present their works there. Landmark built in 1909 and is over 200 meters projecting into the sea Santa Monica Pier. It consists of two joined piers extending from the Colorado Avenue on the Santa Monica Beach and the Pacific Ocean. At the outer end congregate daily fishing and going about their hobby. Many rides and attractions, including a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel and a historic carousel house (built in 1922) leave no boredom and guarantee pure fun. Many cinema and TV films have been made since the late 1930s at the pier, as it is located very close to the Hollywood studios.

That `s Hollywood

The landscape of the city is dominated by the mountains of Santa Moncia Mountains. In the mountains, there are over 1,000 archaeological sites, most of the Indian tribes of Chumash and Tongva. Many different kinds of animals have found a home here, including the puma and the rainbow trout. In the Santa Monica Mountains is probably the most photographed mountain in California. On Mount Lee is adorned with the famous words "Hollywood". Keep this memory and clear it off also.

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