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San Jose

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San Jose is the capital of Silicon Valley

San Jose is in a sense the capital of the so-called Silicon Valley. The city covers approximately one million inhabitants, making it the third largest in California (after Los Angeles and San Diego). The city was founded on 27.03.1850, the oldest university on the West Coast is in the downtown area since 1857. Currently, she is visited by approximately 30,000 students. The entire region has a Mediterranean, mid-air.

The museum features San José

It can be found in San Jose Things to different target groups. The "Museum of Art" focuses on the modern art of the American West Coast. Several interesting museums are located in Downtown. The "Tech Museum of Innovation" shows modern developments, concepts and inventions of technology history - including an earthquake simulator is one of the exhibits. Also are the <"San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles" as well as the "Children's Discovery Museum" name - the latter performs the idea that children with them at an early age to the Internet and to use computer are accustomed.

Other attractions of the West California City

The downtown area is a part of IT companies determined (so that a completely free WiFi coverage in Downtown is available). On the other hand, different architectural styles combine to form a highly interesting visual combination: The Cathedral was built, for example, in 1803, then - as well as several subsequent buildings - destroyed by an earthquake, so at present the fifth replica is from 1877 there. Or so different construction processes were held in the city area. Who asks for attractions in San Jose, which in any case the so-called "Winchhester Mystery House" is recommended. This house had a period of approximately 38 years and was in possession of the living until 1922, Sarah Winchester, the widow of the same weapons manufacturers. She was convinced that in this house the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles were walking. This exceptional residence has now since that time 160 rooms - Tours available daily.

Also of interest: In San Jose, there is "Japan Town" - an authentic Asian neighborhoods. There are many restaurants, shops and a Japanese Buddhist community or church.

1.6 million books in the "Dr. Martin Luther King Library "to be found. It this is one of the largest libraries in the United States, which are open to the public. Also located on the grounds of the University nor a research center, which deals with the life and works of Ludwig van Beethoven - events and a museum there are also still in the context of this institution. 1,300 meters above sea level, namely on the "Mount Hamilton" is located the "Lick Observatory".

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