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San Francisco

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San Francisco, as the Americans say: here I come!

"Think big" - that often seems to be the motto of the Americans. But just when it comes to one of the most famous and certainly the most beautiful cities in the U.S., then the Toen be quieter. San Francisco exerts an unbroken fascination for visitors from around the world, despite the fact that the Californian city on the Pacific coast has "only" 750.00 inhabitants. However, to understand the living - and their guests are often cultivated and interested hedonists. A miracle is not. San Francisco is considered the most European of American cities, and also as to the Middle Ages. On the "Frisco Bay" you can eat excellent without equal tear a big hole in the bank.

"Frisco", as known from TV

The Streets of San Francisco are just as you would in Germany knows from the eponymous cult series: go up and down and can be quite stressful. Good thing there are the "cable" car is, those open tram that brings locals and tourists everywhere there, where they want to. With visitors to the city are all those famous places, for no one really needs a guide. Golden Gate Bridge, the former "escape-proof" prison Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square are ultimately the reasons why the city still belongs to the most popular destinations in the U.S..

How about a little more?

But there are actually a lot more to discover in the former hippie stronghold on the Pacific. Chinatown about should definitely be on the tour schedule. In downtown San Francisco, the Museum of Modern Art also waiting (on signs in the city usually abbreviated as MOMA) to visitors. Also, who are not necessarily interested in contemporary art should head to The MOMA. Practically the whole area around the building seems like a museum village and offers many small shops and great coffee shops. For fans of Marilyn Monroe probably the City Hall of San Francisco be worth a visit. On 14 January 1954 Marilyn married there the legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio.

Hotels such as sand on the Pacific

San Francisco is well equipped for travelers and it will be here always possible to find accommodation at the last minute in a hotel. Nevertheless, it would be better to book in advance. Not just because it is perhaps cheaper or more convenient then. The town on the Pacific has really accommodations for every taste and every budget. From playful and romantic to design hotel, from cheap to super expensive, ecologically thoughtful to lavish luxury, is really to have everything. The right choice will make your stay in San Francisco unforgettable!

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