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Sacramento is the capital of California

The city of about 500,000 inhabitants in the sunshine state of California is Sacramento. In the 18th Century the trade in all manner of goods boomed so much that the mayor of Sacramento, capital of California in 1854 proclaimed, followed up today nothing has changed. Once a haven for gold mining is now a popular tourist destination. But the place has lost none of its former charm from the pioneer days. See for yourself the best of them and choose the city that lies at the confluence of the Sacramento River and American Rivers, as a next destination.

A journey into the past

Start your holiday Just a walk through Old Town. There you can visit historic buildings that have been restored, but in the 60's help, however, but to own atmosphere from the days of the pioneers. Creaking floorboards, old gas lamps and covered sidewalks give you the feeling of diving into the past. The Sacramento attractions include the California State Railroad Museum in Old Town. The largest railway museum in North America 21 historic steam locomotives and wagons are on display. A guard tells this amusing and enthralling stories that have taken place over a hundred years. Art lovers in the Crocker Art Museum at their expense. Impressive exhibits from Californian artists are housed there. 2010 an additional new building was opened, which is the largest collection of Californian artists offer more space.

A holiday you will not soon forget

The symbol of the city and one of the famous attractions Sacramento is the 72 meter high dome of the State Capitol, which is visible from afar. The monumental building boasts an impressive 37-meter high entrance hall with huge murals and the marble statues of the Spanish Queen Isabella and the explorer Christopher Columbus, under the dome. The Old Governor's Mansion was once the residence of the Governor Arnold Scharzenegger and even the Head of State Ronald Reagan lived there briefly in 1967. A journey into the past when you experience the Sutter's Fort State Historic Park, where volunteers slip on summer weekends in historic costume and like 150 years ago show the craftsmen worked. There is also the only original building, the main building of Fort Sutter. The California State Indian Museum nearby shows using basketry, clothing and work tools were living together in an impressive manner, as natives and whites. The journey goes in the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park in Sacramento continue. Go on a discovery journey and become a Digger: Check the flow of precious metals. The so-called "Live History Days" dress up in period costumes and also employees illustrate what happened at that time.

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