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Museums in California

California Travel Directory - Museums- Archaeology

Museums in California: Authentic culture enjoy

There are so many choices of museums in California area.
Museum of Photographic Acts in San Diego
The state of California has to offer but many beaches and Hollywood lot. In addition to great climate, unconventional living people and a lot of varied nature California also has countless interesting and beautiful museums. These are also very varied so find a museum for everyone's taste.

Recommended Museums in California

In the Bay of San Francisco is the former prison island of Alcatraz. Many years ago there was a maximum security prison, it is now a museum, which is visited frequently. Apart from the former prison is located on the 85,000 square meters of the island even the oldest lighthouse in the U.S. west coast.

Located in Los Angeles, UCLA Film and Television Archive has a collection of more than 220,000 movies and TV films. This makes it one of the largest collections of media materials from the United Nations. The collection was enlarged over a period of famous actors. Despite its name, the UCLA Film and Television Archive is a museum.

Also one of the best railroad museums in the United States is located in California. There are 21 restored locomotives and railways, including steam and diesel locomotives. Some of them are even more than 100 years old. There are also exhibitions, such as photos and artifacts are included. The exhibits of the California State Railroad Museum which is located in Old Sacramento show how the railways changed everything, including people's everyday lives, or in terms of travel.

The Museum of Modern Art is located in San Francisco. It is a museum of modern art, which the 20th Century is adjusted. His collection includes more than 26,000 works, including which Photographs, paintings and sculptures belong.
The Cable Car Museum is located just like the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. The rides with the rolling museum are fun for all ages. Historical it is issued, examples of old cable cars and even smaller exhibits.
California is a place for many surfers, it also proves the Surf Museum in the city of Oceanside. There a lot of exhibitions are included, for example, there are surfboards, surf gear, surf art, memorabilia, photographs and magazines. To the collection of surfboards include Jetboards, vintage cars and longboards.

You will have noticed: The wealth of museums is a good sign that California also for art - is a very nice holiday destination or persons interested in sports - technology - history. It is often forgotten among the many other attractions or events that California also has a lot to offer culturally.

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