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Malibu Beach

California Travel Directory - Beaches

Malibu Beach is the best beach at the USA coast with the best house on earth.

Directly on the Pacific coast, these are stunningly beautiful sandy beaches of the U.S. state, California, in Los Angeles County (District). Malibu Beach is the generic term for the many beaches along the coast. Each one is like a paradise. Bright, clean beach, clear water and a lot of sun. Here you can enjoy your vacation truly relaxing. The view of the open sea lure to daydream. The little hills beyond the beaches give a panorama that gives you a special experience of nature with long-lasting effects. And the feeling of being swum in the great ocean is to unite body and soul. Here you are guaranteed to experience a luxury spa vacation.

The Malibu Lagoon State Beach is probably the most famous beach in Southern California. After all, he served a number of directors as the backdrop for her film and was also the muse for the Beach Boy songs. This world very popular rock band brought forth, among other things the song Surfin 'USA. Surfing can be very good there, some shops also provide the necessary rental. The beach is great to achieve over the town of Santa Monica. This place is also known from the movies and books. Enjoy it easy to lie on such a popular "Hollywood beach" and regain strength for everyday life. Maybe you'll get there, too, "Star" feeling.

Malibu Beach: A term that many places

To the Beaches in Malibu includes the Malibu Surfrider Beach. Only recently (2010), he was officially appointed World Surfing Reserve. Thus now it is also a global reserve for surfing. The Dan Blocker beach offers a great fishing spot. Adequate parking can be found at Zuma Beach. These are just some of the many beaches of Malibu. Along the entire coast, you have beautiful beaches available. The Point Dume State Beach is a purely handsome beach. Nice and they are all worth seeing. Romantic walks you are guaranteed there.

All Hollywood stars have recognized the diverse beauty of Malibu's beaches and enjoy the refreshing rest in his second home there. Such a trip will seem like a fairy tale. The idyll, the panorama, the culture, the vast expanses of ocean, all merges into a wonderful, lasting experience. Whether you enjoy sports such as surfing or just relaxing in a picturesque setting, these beaches, there are both fantastic.

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