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Los Padres National Forest

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When visiting sunny California, you should not let yourself the Los Padres National Forest to escape.

An extensive flying visit to Los Padres National Forest is well worth! This wonderful woodland ² with a proud size of around 8000 km is home to a huge number of endangered and threatened species. The flora and fauna of this area is versatile and an absolute feast for the eyes. The panorama, which is offered to you there is, like in a picture book. The huge national park on the coast of the North Pacific, offers a clean air and pure relaxation. There simply to dangle times the soul is an experience that you will have for a long dwell period.

Plants and animals in the national park

Many valuable species whose home in California forest terrain. For example, even the American peregrine falcon, a bird of prey, which is known for its spectacular Stürzflüge at hunting attacks. Even the elegant little black bear is to sift through there. Equally at home in the Los Padres National Forest is the Condor. From a visual standpoint, he is not one of the beauties of the skies, but his wing span of up to three meters and its length of 120 centimeters, are just amazing. Even the coyote shall enjoy his home. Because he belongs to the genus of the prairie wolves, this habitat is optimal for him. The Mountain Lion (mountain lion) swaggers in the Los Padres National Forest around also.

Plants in the nature reserve

There you will find, among other things on the Jeffrey Pine, a tree that grows up to 40 meters high. He has long needles surround the pin and you know how pleasant is its fragrance. Widespread there is also the Chaparral, the typical Californian shrublands. This bushland consists of various shrubs species. Apart from the wonderful scents, you will feel it visually as a real blessing. Delicious is the fact that you will break there a wide selection of berries übern the way. Some of the fruits can be eaten safely. The colors of different fruits you will surely love. A colorful variety of nature.

Very accommodating to you as a tourist, is the so-called National Forest Adventure Pass This document fee has to apply to all, California-based national parks. You pay a fee once and then have the right to park for free in all the parks. Especially for those who intend to speak on a tour of California's nature reserves, this is a lucrative business. The Angeles National Forest, the Cleveland National Forest and the San Bernardino National Forest, could then also be part of your travel planning.

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