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Los Angeles - The City of Stars

California Travel Directory - Sightseeing

On a holiday in California, you need to plan a trip to the city of Los Angeles.

The glamorous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the world-famous Hollywood studios and the raw nature - LA holds for any visitor ready something suitable. Aside from the widely known places also find resourceful tourists mysterious places like the Los Angeles Art Walk

The City of the Arts

The center of town is primarily a city soaked in art. Founded by Spanish immigrants now almost 13 million people live in the metropolis. The cultural center of California's world-famous for its range of art and culture. In that respect architectural ventures like the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in equal measure. Both places that should not be missing on a tour of the city. The theater of the city are the hallmark anyway se. In Chinatown, a place of exotic fragrances and foreign dishes, you will find the Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Here the viewer can admire classic Chinese theater. For arts and culture is created therefore sufficient. Of course, the Hollywood studios may at one day of culture in Los Angeles are not left out. The most famous film studio in the world is offering daily tours that take place on the traditional buses.

L.A. - Outside the mainstream

But even outside of the world famous Los Angeles attractions, the city convinced with fresh, innovative products that captivate the visitor and not let go. This includes no doubt the House of Blues. The guest can enjoy the typical Southern food at cheeky live music. Music lovers will be in LA anyway for their cost. In Amoeba Music, a music store with a difference takes place, everyone really an appropriate gift or a long-lost LP. Is the appropriate LP found skateboarders looking especially the direct route into the ZJ Boarding House. This place is the mecca of all skateboard nerds in the world. Wheels, trucks and countless boards - whoever does not find here the right component that can succeed anywhere else. When the day comes to a close, go ideally in a cheap rented car on Mulholland Drive into the sunset. The soft curves have once inspired David Lynch and awaken in each visitor unforgettable emotions. The target point is the coast with their typical fish restaurants. If the stomach is full, the start start in the unique nightlife of the city. The nightlife is in itself one of the most exciting Los Angeles attractions and should be explored in each case.

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