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Laguna Beach

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Laguna Beach: art, culture, and beautiful beaches

Laguna Beach is a coastal town in California - it is between San Diego and Los Angeles. The city was founded in 1887 and currently has around 25,000 residents - the average income is $ 75,000 with annual income in the three times the national average (as of 2007). Because of the geological setting, the city's earthquake-and tsunami risk, ie there are local areas that are clearly marked for emergency use as an immediate Evakuationsgebiete - for these cases is an escape to higher ground positions prescribed.

Laguna Beach has more than a hundred art galleries, the Laguna Art Museum - also regular art events at the annual order. Likewise, the town beach at leisure and water sports is popular - this led to many well-known actors from the 80 km distant Los Angeles or Hollywood here erected their vacation rentals (te) n The city is adjacent to a variety of cliffs, beaches and bays. It is here therefore an attractive place for U.S. travelers, Californian way of life here can connect with a beach holiday.

The art scene in the city attracts people from all over the world

The vibrant art scene and tourism are among the most important economic factors of Laguna Beach, annually, are noteworthy as three million holiday visitors. Especially during the summer, the well-known art and cultural festivals are organized - not just photographs, jewelry, sculptures, drawings and paintings are in addition to and limited issued (example: "Pageant of the Masters", Festival of Arts, July to September, since 1932, 140 artists are exhibiting - or: "Art-A-Fair"; 125 international artists, since 1966). Logically, located in the city of the "Laguna College of Art and Design" - this private university forms since 1961, among other graphic artists, sculptors and painters. It has the school established a special training course for the subjects of illustration, painting, drawing, graphic design, animation and game design. Even sculpture artists are trained here. Graduates who qualify to be here, working in the entertainment, digital media and communication design. A twinned with Menton in France.

Especially for drivers the traffic situation in the city is interesting: the "California State 1" through the city center. This highway (also called "Pacific Coast Highway" called) runs parallel to the sea (in sight) and will be run so much. All coastal cities in Orange County, is the "County" Laguna Beach's, are lined up on the road so to speak - this route takes you directly to San Francisco. Circumvention of the State Route 1 is guaranteed by the "State Route 73". This road is not included

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