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Joshua Tree National Park

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Once you visit California give a visit at the popular Joshua Tree National Park

The American state of California with the last gold rush times, its national parks, the Joshua Tree National Park, its long and rich variety of coastal and numerous attractions in the world-famous cities, make the holiday in this part of the world an unforgettable experience.
Unique desert landscapes in Joshua Tree National Park

The National Park with the two deserts, in this case, the Mojave Desert and the Colorado desert harboring Yucca brevifolia, better known because of the English name of Joshua Tree.
The special feature is the transition of two deserts in one another by different altitudes, so that different types of vegetation are possible.
The park is located near Los Angeles near Palm Springs.
Due to the different altitudes He can be known due to the preferred use for climbing.
The particular are designated different types of vegetation, which are caused by the special nature of different altitudes. The altitude varies between 300 m above sea level and 1,800 m above sea level.
Due to the special climatic conditions in the Mojave Desert here the Joshua tree is native lily. Perfect for that special holiday experience in the different deserts of this national park are just because of the special, unknown to many vegetation suitable.

The natural experience of hot day to cold at night lead, consisting because of the distinctive landscape of bush, cactus and palm trees in the Park, to the irretrievable spectacle.
Special attractions at any place at the three observation decks in the national park. Voted the "Lost Horse Valley" or the prospect of the "Coachella Valley" are.
Fun and relaxation in Joshua Tree National Park

To take advantage of the holiday properly, it is important to set a time period acceptable to prevail in the climatic conditions. The results from the fact that the habituation to the generally known to tourists because of the European climate sometimes extreme temperature changes in the national park is hardly bearable.

Used for tourism, the park is for camping and hiking.
The hiking trails invite you to explore the area. Here, specific goals are controlled and inspected.
The aforementioned opportunities to climb the inclined tourist will find in the park also in the smooth rock formations and to some regions of the National Park numerous existing boulders.
In addition, the oases of the National Park are visited in California, which are the starting point for desert vegetation.
The National Park is home to the adjusted to life in National Park animals. These animals may, when possible, be explored for tourism. To name examples are bighorn sheep, lynx, the desert rat, coyotes and birds.

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