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General about California

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California - the Golden State - is the destination for many tourists, which must be visited in the U.S..

The stories around the state are many and always positive. Apart from the unique landscape, California is known for automobiles, industrial, and movies. But what are the do it really in the Golden State?

The official nickname of "Golden State" is. The origin of the name California is quite controversial. One possibility: 1510 has G.R. de Montalvo published a novel in which he told of an island with riches of gold, beautiful Amazons and a Queen Califia. A quarter-century later, soldiers came to Baja California and thought it was the island from the novel and named it accordingly.

As the third largest state in the U.S. California is located at the junction of two tectonic plates, which means a lot of earthquakes in this region. The country has to offer, however, much more to do. The highest mountain in the United States - Mount Whitney - lies with 4.418m in the Sunshine State. Not far is the famous desert Death Valley (Valley of Death) with the lowest point of the United States - Badwater.

The climate in California is also ideal for growing grapes or lemons. Numerous parks and beaches of the cities in the most populous state in the U.S. to be dream destinations. Large cities include Los Angeles and San Francisco. Because of their celebrity and their most famous residents, these two towns are popular tourist destinations. Known representatives of the music, for example, the Beach Boys. They sang about the life in California from the beaches, the surf, the great girls and the omnipresent cult car. Because the focus of most California cities, the traffic.

In addition to the beautiful scenic part of the state, California has also to a highly developed industry. Known in the electronics and computer industry is under the name Silicon Valley. In addition, the headquarters of the film industry - Hollywood for many years a popular destination for travelers.

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