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Famous bars and clubs in California

California Travel Directory - Cafe-Bar Nightclubs

Famous bars and clubs in California are the big attraction of every visitor in the night hours

The Rainbow in all its glory
If you have ever spent a vacation in California, it could not be determined to take to go to a typical American restaurant or a cool bar in order to relive the American feeling, from which one might have previously only read or heard. This short article is to describe two of the most famous institutions a little more detail.

Rainbow Bar and Grill

Since we had. Initially the famous "Rainbow Bar and Grill", located on Sunset Boulevard in California Divided into two floors of this building is in the lower floor, a restaurant and bar, as well as in the upper story. An exclusive club that bears the name of "Over The Rainbow"
The bar opened in 1972 with a party for Elton John, and soon had the reputation of a trendy venue for successful people from the music or show business to be.
If you for example are ask where the famous rock band "Rainbow" has its name: Those same Raindow bar served as inspiration. Regardless of whether bands like Led Zeppelin, musicians such as Ringo Starr, Alice Cooper and Janis Joplin, all of them wrong regularly at the Rainbow Bar, so this was also soon known outside of LA addition.

Furthermore, the Rainbow Bar was courted by many musical bands, be it in the video "November Rain" and "Do not Cry" by Guns n 'Roses "or by the heavy metal group" WASP ".

So if times in California and studied remains a cult, almost historic club, is in the Rainbow Bar in good hands.

Whiskey a GoGo

No less than the famous Rainbow Bar is probably the legendary rock club "Whiskey a Go Go", which is also located on the Sunset Strip. Elmar Valentine, a former police officer, founded the club in 1964, in what is known musicians and producers regularly gave the handle in his hand, so that a GoGo whiskey was one of the main venues for music lovers.

Bands like The Doors, Alice Cooper or System of a Down had their first gig at the club and if you did not yet know where the name is derived for scantily clad dancers, known as Go Go Girls, then this is also mystery now clear: His birth had much use the term today, the Whiskey a GoGo.

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