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California Beaches

California Travel Directory - Beaches

Here are the most beautiful beaches in California

Half Moon Bay

The "Golden State" of California is known amongst guests and locals for its beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastline and over a length of more than 2000 kilometers. While the coasts are in the north procure rough and the water was more than cool temperature, can be found in the beautiful Southern California, the ideal image of snow-white sand beach, sun and deep blue water beaches appropriate. Some of the most beautiful we want to introduce now.
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

This beautiful park near Carmel is after one of the first residents of Big Sur, Julia Pfeiffer, named and extends over an area of ​​about 12 square kilometers. Particularly well-known of the park for the "Mc Way Falls' is a waterfall rushes directly on the beach. Through a tunnel to reach a bay of breathtaking beauty.
For admission to the state park for a small fee is charged.
Half Moon Bay

The beach at Half Moon Bay is located about 40 miles south of San Francisco and is a popular beach lifestyle. It is easily accessible by car and offers a gorgeous setting, a clean sandy beach and beautiful sunsets. It is worthwhile to visit this beautiful bay and soothing with a stroll along the Pacific soul.
Venice Beach

The infamous beach in Los Angeles is beyond the limits known for its special flair: Seeing and being seen are in the foreground and beautiful body romp on the boardwalk. Because of the optimal climate conditions, you can visit this extraordinary beach all year round. The range of recreational sports is very diverse. Especially on the weekends there is intense activity on the beach, so that is taken care of for a change!
Butterfly Beach

In Santa Barbara, north of Los Angeles, is another beautiful and stunning beach: The Butterfly Beach. Continuous warm and in summer hot temperatures do not guarantee an enjoyable excursion. The beach is quiet and ideal to relax and enjoy the sounds of the sea. The water quality is excellent and of course will be provided in the surrounding neighborhood for food in different restaurants.
Santa Cruz Beach

Santa Cruz is a lively and spirited seaside resort and a popular wave with surfers paradise. The long and seductive, white sand beach is accompanied by a lively promenade, on the romp in the evening many people. Many local restaurants provide a great food and is a highlight on the beach situated amusement park - Santa Cruz Beach is an excellent beach for a relaxing bath day.

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