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Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay 2.4 km from San Francisco

The state of California offers so quite a every vacationer a worthwhile destination. Mostly, these are wonderful places to be submerged by the California sun in a warm atmosphere. Alcatraz is therefore completely different. On the 500-meter sandstone island's most famous prison in the world into the sky. Spanish immigrants discovered in 1775, the small island. Nearly 100 years later, the fort was the most famous prison in the world, in which, among other sizes criminal like Al Capone had to spend the last days of her life.
The way to Alcatraz:
The mandatory target San Francisco's world famous for the Golden Gate Bridge. The construction of the largest suspension bridge in the world, finds himself on countless subjects. And so is not a tourist around a tour of the bridge. Ideally, the travelers moved in the cable cars through the city. This unique form of tram also overcomes steep slopes. Just the ride is an unforgettable experience. From the highest point in San Francisco, the traveler with a cable car ride to the bay, which closes the city in the southwest. Within this bay is built on Alcatraz Island with the equally world-famous prison. By ferry, travelers about every half hour.

Once on the island, there are many guide books that show the scariest corners of the prison and back them with intense stories. The prison was originally a fort and found only from the year 1961 its function, which helped it in the whole world to dubious fame. The salty sea air made the building so you had to create the Rock, as the prison is called by the locals, will be closed. In addition to the prison also the oldest lighthouse in the United States is on the island. And so should you after visiting the prison and pay a visit to the lighthouse. Because the view from the top is breathtaking. You can admire the bay in all its beauty and are sure to find a memorable photo opportunity.
Checkered past

The history of the prison reflects the problem of the U.S. government with their prisoner. That's why the prison is a very special place that reflects a different, darker side of American history. Countless attempts to escape were made. According to official figures, there is no prisoners managed to leave the island alive. Most attempts ended in rough sea off the coast of San Francisco. By the unique charm of the island is found again in many films. If you are planning a vacation in California, accordingly there is no way to The Rock

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